A unique system made by and for farmers

Agrivolta Solution

Climate change has negative impacts on the agricultural production yields due to increasingly higher temperatures and lower hygrometry.
Founded by an horticulturist Agrivolta offers a unique solution to maintain production yields. The principle of its system is to cover the fields with rows of smart shades that modulate the light by opening and closing.

Regulated temperatures

Covering the fields with rows of smart shades provides an adapted ground temperature.

Increase in production yields

Shaded crops are more resistant. For agricultural producers, that implies an increase in yields and revenues.

Reduction of water stress

Thanks to the smart shades, crops enjoy lower irrigation needs. Agrivolta has also devised a rainwater harvesting system.

Avoiding spring frosts

Through the control of crop temperatures, the farmer can fight against spring frosts.

Green energy generation

Solar panels can be put onto the shades to provide green energy.

Our team

Founded by a father-daughter duo from a family of farmers,
Agrivolta believes in sustainable agriculture.


Managing Director

As a former journalist, Julie is in charge of communication and marketing.

Christian DAVICO


Christian brings a strong technical background to the company, as he has been working for 30 years as a producer of cut foliage in the South of France.

A relationship of trust and proximity is enabled by digital innovations

Connected cultures

To facilitate the exchanges and remain close to the producers’ needs, Agrivolta has developed a mobile app.

In that way, farmers have a real-time access to the data collected in their fields through a customized interface. Each producer can monitor the situation of his crops directly thanks to the technical information recorded by Agrivolta.